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July 2, 2007

What is Camp Invention?
Well, I'll bet you're wondering, so here's the whole story from Debbie Fincher. Also, I know you're wondering who all those kids are, so if you click on the picture, you'll make a bigger copy of it so you can ID your favorites.

Frank steps down
Remember Frank Geltner, who was executive director of the Community Theatre back in the late '90s? He had come here from running the student union at the University of Oregon (and all its entertainment) for nearly two decades, and moved on to become arts executive director for the Oregon Coast Council in Newport. He just retired from that's more.

You just thought you were going to Orcas, or Shaw, or Lopez...
Actually, you still are, it's just gonna be tricky. The inter-island ferry isn't running today, so the other ferries will be occasionally re-routed to drop by & pick folks up. You might want to check down at the landing for when & where you're going. (This may be a good day to stay home on-island.)

A wedding at Solstice
Here's the word I got about last week's wedding:

Margaret Bell and Conrad Berthold, both from San Juan Island, are very pleased to announce the happy occasion of their marriage that took place on the Summer Solstice, June 21st. The ceremony was performed by Justice of the Peace Douglas Fair in the garden outside the Town Hall in Edmonds, WA. Margaret's son, Jon Lawrence, lives in Edmonds and joined them for the ceremony. It was a beautiful day! Afterwards, Margaret and Conrad continued south to Portland where they spent time at an antique tool fair, the famous Washington Park Rose Garden, and visiting friends. They will continue to live on the Island they love so much. Margaret works at San Juan Island Fitness and Conrad runs the woodworking shop for Williams Construction.

Now that you're on the island to relax, you can....
It was nice to hear that yoga teacher Wendy from Canada came here to relax & enjoyed her stay at Mitchell Bay Campground and visiting's her blog.

"Why don't we pay more attention to who are farmers are? We would never be as careless choosing an auto mechanic or babysitter as we are about who grows our food." - Michael Pollan, The Botany of Desire: A Plant's-Eye View of the World

June 29, 2007

New books on the shelves
Monika Wieland has been coming here during the summers starting in 2003, studying killer whale acoustics, working as a naturalist, and photographing wildlife. She just received her degree in biology from Reed College, and now has a new book out called "Orca Encounters" with her photos from the waters here. Here's more about how she did it.

Here's a bit about the book, which you will of course want to order from one of our local bookstores. That's one of her pics above - way to go, Monika!

Rock the Dock on the Fourth
Here's the word (with photos - here's a bunch) from Jack McKenna about the kind of fun you'll have the evening of the Fourth:

The popular show band Timebenders of Victoria B.C. will be the featured band again this year for Rock the Dock, the annual Fourth of July family street dance held on the Friday Harbor waterfront.  The Gurus of Retro Rock, this 8-piece ensemble delivers fast-paced, zany antics fueled by straight up rock n' roll energy. Click here to see pictures from last year - you're in there!

“We bring the band back every year because they are such a huge hit with families who want to celebrate the Fourth together,” commented Rotary President Jack McKenna. “It’s not uncommon to see three generations rocking out in front of the stage.”

Two 75 minute power show sets take you through the 50's, 60's, 70's, and 80's respectively, highlighting the decade's big stars and memorable dance classics.

 The cost of admission remains $10.00 for ages twelve and over.  President McKenna noted that ticket pricing is driven by a desire to provide first class entertainment for families at an affordable price rather than making money. “If we do make any money, it all goes to Rotary San Juan Island service projects like the Rotary Spelling Bee.”

Children eleven and under enter at no cost when accompanied by a parent.  Food, beer, wine and a variety of non-alcoholic beverages are available in the venue. The gates open at 6:00 with the music starting at 6:30.  After the show ends, patrons can stay in the venue for an excellent view of the fireworks.  The size of the venue limits ticket sales to six hundred. Presale tickets will be available at Market Place Foods on Friday, June 29th and Saturday June 30th from 3:00 to 6:00 PM both days. Rock the Dock is sponsored by Rotary of the San Juan Islands. Food concessions sponsored by the San Juan Island Lions Club.

Strawberry fields, forever, or at least on Sunday....
Here's the word from our friends over at St. David's Episcopal Church:

In case you're wondering what the strawberry signs you see in cars are for, St. David's Episcopal Church is inviting everyone to come to a strawberry shortcake fest Sunday July 1st between 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. For only $10 not only do you get strawberry shortcake but you also get a tour the remodeling project at the church. Local musicians will play at the Strawberry Shortcake event including Rich Barker and Ginny McCormick, Jenepher Reeves - piano, Pat Gislason – flute, accompanied by Ginny McCormick, Sound Vibrations – choral group directed by Angel Michaels, and Kirk Fuhrmeister.

The work is about half finished but it is easy to see what's developing. Not only is the church building being expanded and remodeled but there will be a new garden designed on Celtic themes that will invite people of all traditions and all faiths to rest, reflect and engage in their life journey.

The church also offers a labyrinth to the community which can be used for walking meditation. Funds collected from the strawberry shortcake sales support the renovation project.

Free movie tonight at the Library
Tonight at 6:30pm it's Family Movie Night with Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Enjoy a free movie and popcorn with your family. Eagerly await the launch of the last book in the series, due to be released next month.

Report from the Lineman Rodeo
Remember I told you Roger Sandwith was competing in the Lineman Rodeo last weekend? I asked Marlis how he did, and she told me:

Dear Ian, Roger did really well in the Lineman Rodeo. We don’t know where he placed, as all the judging goes on individually, but his main goal was to finish all the events, and that’s just what he did. He hopes to compete again next year, possibly on a team. Thanks for asking! Marlis

Bits from the blogs
Natalie says she loved visiting here.....

Here's a review of Amber Beach, a mystery by Elizabeth Lowell, set in the islands here.

I love orca pictures, and Neil Hutson got some when he & his family visited here.

The Benefit Players Theater opens their repertory run tonight
The show has four little plays, with these folks in 'em:

"Observers" ....Warren Baehr, Margaret Hall, Roberta Leed (in the pic to the right - it's Margaret, Roberta, and Warren, from left)
"Saber" (Monologue) ..... Graham Crawbuck "The River ..."  ....Patti Bair, Susan Ross, Julie Hagn, Ernest Pugh
"Connoisseurs" ... Ed Wilson, Marcie Hahn, Marc Wynn, Rosa Blair, Lumi Verdugo , Patti Bair, & Libby Concord

Support your local theater! See you there!

The orca recovery plan, from the north
Americans are not the only ones who care about the orcas & their plight - here's a writeup about the Canadians' take on the situation, and their proposed recovery plan.

Peace Vigil - this Saturday
It's from 10:30am-12:30pm at Memorial Park at the bottom of Spring Street.

I know you're a writer, 'cause you read the Update
Surveys have indicated that most Update readers are more literary than the average bear, so it's time for you, dear reader, to cash in.

Carrie Lacher is in charge of the Written Word competition at the Fair this year, and you need to get your writing - poems, stoires, and more - in by July 16th. Here's more, with the rules.

The Irish at English Camp this weekend
This is special event on the westside tomorrow by two master storytellers:

Park historian Mike Vouri (left) and folk musician Michael Cohen will take a closer look at the Irish in the antebellum U.S. Army in words and song in a program scheduled at 2 p.m., Saturday, June 30, in the English Camp barracks.

Admission is free. The program is free. A golf cart is available to transport disabled persons to and from the parking area. Call (360) 378-2902 or 378-4409 for additional special access information.

In July 1860, Capt. George E. Pickett’s Company D, Ninth Infantry on San Juan Island was composed of three officers and 73 enlisted men. Sixty-five of the enlisted troops were foreign born and of these, 43 were Irish. Moreover, in a comprehensive survey of the 5,000 men accepted into the army in 1850 and 1851, 2,113 were Irish out of 3,516 total foreigners.

"And those numbers correspond to immigration patterns of the antebellum period," Vouri said. "The roles jumped from 151,000 in the 1820’s to more than 2.3 million in the 1850’s."

A number of factors contributed to mass immigration, the principle of these being the great potato famine of the late 1840’s, which brutally swept through Ireland taking more than a million lives and leaving the survivors destitute. Those coming to America found most jobs taken by those who had arrived in two previous waves. Those were spurred by mass evictions of tenant farmers from great estates owned by the English aristocracy.

In addition to historical anecdotes, the program will capture the atmosphere of the period through traditional American folk songs as only Michael Cohen can deliver them. These will include not only traditional Irish ballads, but more contemporary songs which have drawn on the period for inspiration. Cohen also touches on the Irish in the army with Vouri in the play The Life and Times of General George Pickett, which has toured the state as part of the Washington State Humanities Commission’s “Inquiring Mind” series. The play is scheduled at 8 p.m., Fridays July 6 and August 24 at the San Juan Community Theatre.

In addition to being an Ecopsychology professor, author and researcher, Michael Cohen has been cited by the Smithsonian Institution as one of the catalysts for the 1950's folk revival in New York City where he recorded and played professionally with the Shanty Boys Folk Trio and Oscar Brand. He currently performs solo for the National Park Service on San Juan Island and with the folk group Sugar on the Floor that he formed to support local service organization functions. His musical family includes his brother, John Cohen of the New Lost City Ramblers.

Reunion, reunion & more reunion....
This weekend it's the reunion of the 1987 graduates from Friday Harbor High - I'll try & get you some photos of our friends there....I've heard good numbers are coming for that one.

Meanwhile, Alisa is helping pull together the 1997 reunion in a few weeks, and it has a new twist you'll want to know about:

Thanks for checking in and I always appreciate your photos. I think it's neat that you frequently walk Turn Point, it is obviously a very important part of the island to me too!
Our reunion IS coming up fast! I think we've just about got in touch with all the classmates we were looking for so I suppose the only other news would be we've decided to invite our parents and faculty/staff of FH Schools from 1984-1997 to our Family Picnic at Roche Harbor on Saturday, July 21st. We are meeting at the BBQ area near the pool between 11:00am-2:00pm. If you'd be able to help us spread the word about including our parents and teachers, that would be great! We are very excited about us all getting together! Thanks, Ian! Alisa

Interview with James...
Here's a nice interview with film maker James Longley (he grew up on the island), nominated earlier this year for best documentary for "Iraq in Fragments." Always insightful...check it out.

Soroptimists having fun...
Debbie sent me this photo from a conference our local Sorop's went's more (click on the photo for a bigger picture):

Join the fun... join Soroptimist International of Friday Harbor. Members attended the Regional Conference to gain more information on helping out the Island population.

Pictured left to right back, Vicky Thalacker, Nancy Hanson, Robin Jacobson, Becki Day, Debbi Staehlin.

Left to right front, Judy Cornell, Ellen Roberts, and Bette Cantrell. To join contact any Soroptimist member or you may call Ellen Roberts, 378-5662 or Debbi Staehlin, 378-7232.

Preview of the summer Shakespeare show
John Sinclair shot photos at a dress rehearsal of Island Stage Left's The Comedy of Errors, which opens in a couple of weeks here...check 'em out. And here's the schedule of shows, for you. See you there!

That's Dromio & his master Antipholus at left - yep, they're using a Western theme this year.

Why does someone believe you when you say there are four billion stars, but check when you say the paint is wet?

Saturday at the Community Theatre
The folks at the Community Theatre have cast Cinderella, and told me every single kid in it, so I'm gonna tell you:

We're having a ball this weekend, and we hope you'll be part of it! Actually Prince Charming is having a ball, and Cinderella is going to have her day...with the help of a few mice, pumpkins and a host of other characters.

Saturday, June 30, Missoula Children's Theatre presents Cinderella, co-sponsored by Downriggers and Daisy Bloom, and tickets are just $14 for adults and $7 for student reserved with $5 student RUSH available at the door. Get your tickets now by calling the Box Office at 378-3210, or use our online reservation request system at

There are two performances at 3:00 pm and 7:00 pm so it MUST fit into your busy schedule. AND since we had 80 students show up to audition for 60 roles, there's a good chance you know someone in the cast.

The production is directed by Sarah Beauvais, who has been assisted all week by students Elizabeth Daniels, Lizzy Elsmey, Maydelyn Hawkins and Kiana Ward. Cinderella is played by Lydia Daniels, her stepmother by Maggie Anderson, and her stepsisters by Elle Guard and Catlyn Keys. Sam Daniels is the king and Oliver Strasser is the prince.

Kimberly Mapstead appears as Raggedy Annie, and Wilsy Brumsickle and Connor Daniels play Cinderella's cat and dog. Peter Strasser and Ryan Cole perform the duties of the town criers, making their various pronouncements to lords, ladies and beggars alike. The beggars are Lita Gislason, Alexa Jobe, Mackenzie Mapstead, Maddy Marinkovich, Erin McCauley, Tyla McKay, Zack Reitan, Noah Stone, Madison Wiese and Yuki Wilmerding. Lords and ladies are played by Clayton Banry, Sam Banry, Ida Carlshagen, Jessica Erickson, Summer Fields, Sammy Finch, Emily Guard, Hannah Hopkins, Jon Ogle, Iola Parker, Audrey Sable, Maddie Schroeder, Kiah Williams and Taylor Wise.

Cinderella's transformation is assisted by the mice and pumpkins: Libby Andersen, Macalister Arendt, Kyla Balcom-Bartok, Isabella Brown, Faith Buck, Ula Grace, James Guard, Ashley Lambright, Clea Lean, Hayden Mayer, Stella McCauley, Grace Ogle, Mackenzie Padloff, Brandon Payne, Emma Schroeder, Kenzie Serratt, Julia Stone, Jillian Urbach, Lucy Urbach, Emma Wickman, Vida Wight and Karin Wildermuth.

MCT staff member Erica Zintek holds it all together in the role of Patches, and Jenepher Reeves provides the piano accompaniment.

Whether you know a cast member or not, you will be transformed yourself by watching the exuberance of these young thespians in a charming original musical production. Get your tickets now!

Food on the Fourth
Jack Casey is the San Juan Island Fire Fighters’ Association Vice-President, and they're helping put on the picnic at the Historical Museum this year for the Fourth of July. Here's more:

Hi Ian, I was wondering if you could help get the word out. This year, the 4th of July picnic is being put on by the San Juan Island Firefighters’ Association and Emergency Services on San Juan Island. Proceeds help support your local Emergency Services. One new change I think everyone will like is the ability to purchase their meal ticket in advance.

The full meal ticket includes: main course of 1/3 lb Hamburger, Stadium All Beef Hot Dog, or Bocca Burger, one soda, and one ice cream bar. Price for the full meal ticket day of the event will be $9 but if you purchase in advance, you save $2 a meal. So, an advance purchase is only $7 and you don’t have to wait in line to purchase the tickets when you get there, just walk straight into the food line. Tickets are available at the Mullis St. Fire Station and where you see the sign for ticket sales around time.

New show at waterworks opens the 7th
waterworks gallery’s july show features the bold, expressive, colorful, and stylistic acrylic landscapes of Tim Schumm (right).

By using expressive and impastoed strokes, Tim conveys to the viewer his deep love of nature. His paintings often the cover the full range of tonal values to achieve the maximum drama both visually and emotionally.

A self-taught painter of over 28 years, Tim’s experience of portraying the land and seascapes is original and engaging. Tim Schumm has mastered painting Pacific Northwest and San Juan Island landscapes.

Another twenty year business on the island
Mark Kendziorek started up Island Wine Company in '87, which is still going strong under the guidance of Kathryn & David...drop by & wish 'em another 20!

They're back...
Justin Browne & Ashley Grone are back from their foreign exchange trips, with a year left at FHHS before graduating.

They're back, too....
The bald eagle, the U.S. national bird whose numbers dwindled in the 1960s, was removed yesterday from the list of creatures classified as threatened under the Endangered Species Act.

The "de-listing," if it happens as conservationists predict, would be a recognition of remarkable efforts to bring the bald eagle back from the brink, including the banning of the pesticide DDT in the United States.

"It is a man-on-the-moon moment for wildlife," said Doug Inkley, a senior scientist with the non-governmental National Wildlife Federation. He credited the 1973 Endangered Species Act for saving the bird.

"This is a great conservation success story, one that shows the Endangered Species Act really works," said Michael Daulton of the National Audubon Society. "In addition to being our national symbol, the bald eagle is now a symbol of environmental stewardship as well." (From the AP; photo by me.)

"If you have it [Love], you don't need to have anything else, and if you don't have it, it doesn't matter much what else you have." - Sir James M. Barrie

June 28, 2007

Another twenty year anniversary...
I mentioned last week that Susie's Mopeds hit the twenty year mark, opening for business here in '87...well, she's not the only one. Clark Casebolt's Outdoor Odysseys started in 1987 as well, and is still going strong.

Clark and his crew offer guided kayak tours launched from the island that are naturalist-based trips that not only feed your curiosity but also feed YOU well...OO's guides are trained cooks who lay out a fine meal (or in the case of a five day trip, a bunch of fine meals).

I've worked with him on his website & some other stuff for years, and as far as I can figure, he only hires bright, knowledgable people who really care about they way they do a trip. Check 'em out, and let's see how the second twenty go for this company. Congrats, Clark!

Do we press harder on a remote control when we know the batteries are getting dead?

Host a Brit...
Two years ago, my sons & I hosted a couple of soccer coaches from the British Soccer Camp for a week (for the third straight year) and it was blast. The coaches they send - men & women - are young, funny, responsible and each summer we found them to be great fun to have around.

Now it's your chance. Sally over at Island Rec (not to be confused with Gene over at Island Towing, or Car Rec) is looking for folks to help her put up coaches the week of July 8-13th. You never know - they may be Scottish, which means if they talk too fast you can't understand them, or Welsh, which means they're a bit depressed about never appearing in the World Cup, or simply English, which is never really simple, but way cool.

It's like a foreign exchange experience, without leaving home. Try it - you'll be glad you did.

"Determine never to be idle. No person will have occasion to complain of the want of time, who never loses any. It is wonderful how much may be done, if we are always doing." - Thomas Jefferson

The information here is simply stuff we here at By Design think is important around Friday Harbor or on San Juan Island.

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Ian Byington

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