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prepared weekly or so by Ian Byington if anything happens around here
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May 4, 2002

75 years & still going: The Illahee celebrates its 75th year in service today, with cake & activities on the ferry as it makes its interisland run Saturday. That's it in the photo by Tim Dustrude above - you can always tell it from a distance with its round portholes.

Viruses: There have been enogh computer viruses around - I've heard the school was down late this week because its system was infected, and several of my clients have reported worms & infections they had to clean out.

Go online and see what the latest word is....and update your anti-virus software before its too late.

Show: Carousel opens this weekend - get your tickets now as the show begins its three week run at the San Juan Community Theatre.

May 1, 2002

Leaving a legacy: I talked to Steve Enoch this afternoon, who says he's excited about the Mead School District's offer to take him on as Superintendent. He also says he'll miss the folks here, and that that's the part that made the decision hard....

Steve leaves us after a whirlwind six years that saw the schools (especially the middle/high school complex and gyms) renovated, school bonds passed, and Steve seemingly in the middle of every new addition or major change. After a year as high school principal, he took the district to a more settled administrative place, and has definitely left a positive mark on the community. He'll be missed.

Turn Island: You knew that that's Turn Island just around the turn when you leave Friday Harbor by boat and head south (not Brown Island - the one in the harbor, but the first one after that....)

It's a great place to picnic and camp, as you can see in this photo (right click on it to see a bigger one) by Tim Dustrude, who went over there on Monday's sunny afternoon with his girlfriend Shannon and her boy Cody (and Chester the dog.)

David rocks: Speaking of people who get things done, did you see this nice writeup about marine biologist & UW prof David Duggins? He and his wife Megan (who also teaches at the Labs, here) have put zillions of hours into the elementary school's science program over last few years, and he was recognized by the UW as a Distinguished Staff Member last year (for 2001).

New innkeeper: Over at Panacea B&B, Bev Schutte tells me she's hired Angie Bolger's mom Judy to be the innkeeper for the coming season...get over there and say hey to her.

Half-century: I heard rumors that Outdoor Odysseys' Clark Casebolt turns 50 this month & maybe even this week...let me know if it's true. In the meantime, happy birthday, Clark, probably.

Living Dall's: Everyone knows the orcas are famous up here - if you don't, there are a lot of people who will tell you about them - but did you know about the Dall's porpoises? Pronounced like they rhyme with Barbie, these much smaller mammals are seen year-round around the sound, and off the west side of the island. Western Prince Whalewatching just added a little page telling about them with some pictures taken by Charlotte, their naturalist.

Quote: "This is the first lesson ye should learn: There is so much good in the worst of us, and so much bad in the best of us, it doesn't behoove any of us to speak evil of the rest of us." - Edgar Cayce.

Dark: A reminder: there will be a planned OPALCO power outage starting this Thursday at 11pm and ending at 5am Friday morning (5/2/02 to 5/3/02).

Remembering Ben: Yes, Sunday was the 15th anniversary of Ben Linder's death...his spirit and vision are remembered and honored in this website remembrance.

April 30, 2002

Great weekend: I know you got out this weekend, because no one was home - everybody was outside, far as I could tell. The weather was blue skies & temps in the 50s all weekend....even Friday afternoon when it rained, the Little League got in the game that evening between the Cubs and the Red Sox.

Passings: I got to work with Will Bryant a few years back on one of his novels he was hoping to self-publish...besides being one of the the cleanest manuscripts I'd ever seen (I found one semi-colon near error in over 400 pages), the doggone book kept me up till 4am finishing it. The man could tell a tale. The longtime author & whimsical illustrator died earlier this month, and will be much missed....

Also, last week, longtime islander Burton King passed away.

Friday Harbor in the 1880s: That's a photo of town from 120 years ago, looking down a muddy Spring Street towards the harbor (that's the San Juan Inn to the left - it's still there - and the building the Banana Belt is in at the end of the street. Hasn't changed that much, eh? And that's Brown Island in the distance...

This was borrowed from the Boyce family website (if you've been on Boyce Road, you've heard of them....)

MacCrowded: I tried to get into MacBeth a week ago and couldn't because there were no seats, so the boys, two friends of theirs, and I took no chances - we got to the show at 7:15 Saturday & got in. It was pretty much "sold out" (if a free show can sell out) by 7:30pm...more importantly, it was wonderful. The StageLeft folks continue to do theater right - honest characterizations that tell a story clearly & directly. MacBeth's one of Shakespeare's shorter plays anyway, but director Helen had no intermission & had us out in well under two hours.

The play will be reprised this summer along with "Twelfth Night." If you blew it this time, don't miss it. I'm tellin' ya...

Leave your mark: This note from the Library's Laura Tretter:

Bookmark Design Contest

The San Juan Island Library and the Friends of the San Juan Island Library are sponsoring a bookmark design contest open to students grades K-6.

The contest opens May 1st with a deadline for entries on May 31st. Blank bookmarks will be delivered to San Juan Island Elementary and Middle School. Blank bookmarks will also be available for pick up at the San Juan Island Library. Winners will be announced the second week of June, and acknowledged at the opening of the library's Summer Reading Program, on Wednesday, June 26 - 1:30 p.m. start time.

Winning designs will be on display at the San Juan Island Library throughout the summer and printed as the official bookmarks of the library. Winners will also receive a gift certificate for a book from a local bookstore.

Quiet down: I'd like to say thanks to all my clients and friends who called to see what I really sounded like after I told you (below) that I'd lost my voice. It's improved now to somewhere between the Godfather and Ratso from "Midnight Cowboy."

Thanks, too, to the three of you who said I sound better this way, and to the customer who called my office and and said the raspiness sounded, quote, "sexy," then said, "Oh, I thought you were someone else."


Suppose an insane wind holds all the hills
while strange beliefs whine at the traveler's ears,
we ordinary beings can cling to the earth and love
where we are, sturdy for common things.

-- William Stafford, "Allegiances,"
rom Stories That Could Be True, 1977

Maps that show how we are: There are some great maps online that have aerial photos that show you what we look like from the air...take a peek at 'em. They look something like the photo on the right, but you can click on them & blow 'em up and see all kinds of detail. My house is in that picture, if you look close. You can also see all the runners in training to run marathons, if you look REALLY close.

The first time I flew over the island a few years back I got a strong feeling all newcomers to the island should be made to fly over & see how beautiful this place we live is - with the hope that that would be the beginnings of people working together to protect it. Check it out sometime, or at least see the online shots.

May 5th: This note came from the Chamber of Commerce:

Cinco de Mayo!
All Chamber members and their families and friends are invited to the third annual Dollars For Scholars Cinco de Mayo party at the County Fair Building on Saturday, May 4, 2002. Help raise scholarship funds and enjoy music, games, food and celebrate spring on the island. Admission is $6 per adult or $3 per child and doors open at 5:00 and close at 10:00 PM. Funds are distributed to every high school graduate completing 80 hours of community service and enrolling in higher education. Contact Curt VanHyning for further information at 378-2117.

Notes from the ferry: I went to Oak Harbor to visit Vonda and Elaine (late of the Inns at Friday Harbor, now at the Best Western there), and got to visit with folks on the ferry. Elaine & Vonda are doing well, by the way, managing their new hotel....

Got to see Ted Roell - you'll remember he and Judy moved earlier this month to up near Blaine, but Ted comes back once a week for barbershop practice (singing, not hair chopping.)....

Gary Ross was coming back from Virginia Mason where he and Claudia are dealing with that tumor at the base of his brain....good luck, you guys....

Had a good talk with Jim Lawrence and Suzanne Franklin about child-raising...Jim's the pro, with Natalia off to college and Mara nearing tenth grade - he's a great dad with a good outlook on things...

...he mentioned that the kids sweep through his house and eat everything in sight, and appear to be starch-arians.

It was a matter of some interest that Steve Enoch, our school supe here, is a finalist for a gig in Spokane. Their great gain, if they snag him. He's made a lot happen in his six years here.

Have we got great student teachers or what? Mike Biggers is wrapping up working fourth grade with Mary Williams, and Val Vuchich has been working with Mary Ann Church in the middle school science classes. Both are gonna be great teachers when they're let loose in the world... (you knew Val & her long time companion Neal are engaged, didn't you?)

Rosario's loss - Linda Hersey'll be moving over here soon to take Tori's spot at Friday Harbor House, as Tori retires to have twins & be a mom (a great one, I'd guess.)


April 20, 2002

Corrections: Every so often, I mess up. I admit it. But hey, I'm big enough to admit it. Here's the deal:

A month ago I reported that the San Juans had seceded from the Union. That's what I thought I heard master gardener Lee Sturdivant say in the produce department at King's What she really said was I could succeed in growing onions. We regret the error.

I told you that the ferry "Elwha" means "Giant Mouse." Close. It's really a word that means "moose." I apologize for any confusion among computer makers and to Rocky.

Six weeks ago, I mentioned that April showers bring May flowers, and that May flowers bring pilgrims. Joke. I should have said, "tourists," not "pilgrims." My apologies to the Chamber of Commerce.

I reported in these pages that Earth Day was this weekend. That's sorta right. It was this weekend or next, or maybe Monday, but nobody really knows for sure. The important thing is that people are doing something about it, not watching the calendar.

Thanks to all of you who wrote in and questioned that Gandhi said, "Live simply so others can simply live on San Juan Island." I'm pretty sure he really said, "I wish there were more places that serve chocolate shakes here in Calcutta," but that's unsubstantiated in research. We're sorry, really sorry.

I called the Texas Rangers "roadkill" and "batting practice" before our Mariners thumped them in Arlington; I'm really sorry that Texas read that & whumped our guys 9-0 last night. I'll be quiet, I promise.

MacBeth: The show opened last night at the Fairgrounds, with a goodly crowd all around, judging by the number of cars. I know you missed it because you went to the Battlefield Band at the Theater, so go check it out tonight or next weekend. Don't miss it.

Spring Street School Art Auction: Cady at the school wrote to tell me to tell you:

Spring Street School would like to invite our island community to the 2nd Annual Spring Street School Art Auction on Sunday, April 28, from 5:30-7:30 at the San Juan Community Theatre in Friday Harbor. The highlight of the evening is a silent and live auction of the work of 27 island artists and the truly inspired artworks from Spring Street School students. Along with the spirited bidding on this fabulous selection of artwork, there will be a string quartet performed by the Lopez Youth Orchestra, wine from Lopez Island Vineyards, and delicious hors d'oeuvres and desserts.

The event is a fund-raiser to provide scholarships for students who could not otherwise afford to attend Spring Street School, as well as providing extra funding for its acclaimed art program directed by Beth Hetrick.

Quote: "A viable neighborhood is a community: and a viable community is made up of neighbors who cherish and protect what they have in common." - Wendell Berry

All roads lead to...: Have you seen George Kirkish's Vashon Island Air site? It's another way you can get here from Seattle & downsound....I know I've mentioned our friends at Kenmore, NW Seaplanes, and West Isle Air before (and the last two will soon be one company). It's fun to fly here - the island is beautiful from the sky - try it sometime.

A little poem:

We are
Like lutes
Once held by God.
Being away from his warm body
Fully explains

--Ibrahim Hafiz


April 18, 2002

Whales out: Whoa! You should have been there - on the ferry coming home from a day on the maonland last night, the whales were just below Shaw Island, right north of the Lopez ferry landing. We couldn't tell which pod it was - they were kinda far off - and they were breeching & splashing & playing. It was great. I wondered if the ferry would tilt over, because so many folks were gathered on that side of the boat to see them...

It's interesting how cheerful the whales seem to make folks - there were a lot of smiles the rest of the way home.

Medical Center boss quits: I heard on the ferry from several folks that Kathy Guy resigned at the Medical Center earlier this week...she's been there about a year and a half, during which time the center has undergone change & controversy, which Kathy worked pretty hard to straighten out. No word on the board's strategy for a replacement...

Whacked: My sixth-grade friend Russell Asher told me at baseball practice that a tree fell on the family station wagon (that red one you always used to see Diana driving) during Saturday's wind storm. The top's flattened...looks like time for a new car. His buddy Dylan Marriner said, "I've known that car since I was little, before I can remember."

Also, I heard Carolyn Haugen broke her leg this week - this, of course, is spring break here on the even elementary principals get out & play. Haven't heard yet how she did it.

Spring Street does Earth Day: There's a celebration of Earth Day planned over at Spring Street School this weekend on Saturday from, activities, and food.


April 17, 2002

Sounds of silence: This week's entries are pretty short, because I don't have much to report! For most of the past week, I've had laryngitis, with suggestions from my nurse friends that I not talk (I have a whisper I can use, that Island Rec's Sally Kerr says makes me sound like a spy.) Result: I haven't gotten to visit with people much to see what's going on.....but...

You know, it's neat not having to talk talk talk talk....I spent Saturday and Sunday reading, eating vegies & fresh fruit & tea, and walking the Pear Point loop a couple of times. It's forced me to be a better listener (to those who come over and talk away, leaving places to nod and grunt), and has provided a little break to get some thinking done.

All in all, it's fine.

The red out: You saw that Pat O'Day and Orca Properties have turned into John L. Scott, downtown...a key casualty: that fire-engine-red awning.

Great photos: Eric Kessler, who takes some of the best photos around, just launched his new web site at His photos grace the San Juan Island Web Directory ( - they change everytime the front page is loaded), and have been in the County Fair premium book the last three years. There are a number of photogs with a good eye on the island - Kathy Ballard, John Dustrude, Ann Sheridan, Larry at South Bay, Joan Binney, Miles at the Journal, Peter Fromm all come to mind - Eric belongs in that good group.

Whacked: I hope you're making plans to see the StageLeft version of MacBeth this weekend or next at the Fairgrounds - it'll be great. They always do good stuff...

Sad news - there's a story in yesterday's San Juan Islander that the set over at the Fairgrounds were vandalized.

Quote: "You don't get to choose how you're going to die.  Or when. You can only decide how you're going to live.  Now." - Joan Baez


April 8, 2002

DST in the dark: Pretty good power outage over the weekend, huh? The lights went out (if you didn't already have 'em out) shortly after midnight, and didn't come back on till before far as I can tell it was all over the island, as friends reported their electricity out from near Roche Harbor, Hannah Heights, and around town.

And then, as you reset all the clocks in the house, you gotta move 'em an hour ahead for daylight savings time, which is fine as long as you got to sleep in..

April Fools: I heard from at least two people that they told friends Monday at work last week that they were an hour late because of daylight savings time. Ha! April Fools...... friend Eric sent me this little website:

Can you find the ghost in the picture...check this out... it's spooky...
See if you can find it faster than I did... I'll admit, it took me almost a

Softball: The softball girls continue to roll, with impressive double-digit victories all week, and an impressive near-win with tough & undefeated Coupeville on Friday, losing only 3-2.

Carnival: That deal the PTA set up at the Fairgrounds was great - lots of families and moms and papas and grandparents played on those big inflated things (the velcro wall was very popular) on Saturday. I saw Scott Rasmussen shooting pictures, so I bet there's some good photos in the Journal this week.

Budding literary geniuses: Over at the Library, assistant director Laura Tretter had publicized a teen fiction writing contest sponsored by the Mercer Island newspaper, wherein kids write a short story that starts, "The wind howled across the island . . ."

And we won! In the high school division, ace frosh Jenni Mason from FHHS snagged second place, while talented eighth grader Lillan Roquet received honorable mention for HER story.

You can read Jenni's story online. A tiny cut from her piece:

She is an islander. She is used to the tourists regarding her as a living island artifact. She is used to the ignorance from other trapped islanders as they hurry along. The wind picks back up, taking this gift across the ocean. It rushes fast, praying not to lose it.

Way to go, girls!

Earth Day: As you make your Earth Day plans, think about helping the Soroptomists with their annual beach clean up.

Speaking of green, the Green Party meets on the 11th this week at Skagit Valley College. Call Tom Munsey at 378-5196 for details.

Roadwork: Yes, you've seen Lillan's name before - halfway to Roche Harbor there's a little road marked, called Lillan Lane.

You've also seen Boyce Road - the Boyce family just updated their website, with all the history about themselves - check them out at

My favorite part is the island photos from 120 years ago.

Animal art: Red from the animal shelter checks in - see if you can help:

Hi Ian. - The animal shelter is interested in opening up a dog and cat art gallery. We are looking for art in all categories, painting,sculpture, jewelry, photos etc. The gallery will be at the shelter. We already are showing Alice Cook's pastels and Paul Herbert's metal sculpture.

Those interested can contact me, Red (volunteer) at 378 9413 or Jessica Ray at the shelter at 378-2158 for details.

Quote: "I definitely notice people for their physical beauty, but that's pretty transparent. If someone isn't behaving beautifully, they don't appear beautiful to me anymore. I always sided with the underdog in school, the oppressed ones, the poor girls or the obese or homely girls, the timid girls. I actually sought out people. I was like Miss Lonely Hearts. For a while I covered the Janis Ian song At Seventeen. It was just so...oooh, it really struck a chord." - Natalie Merchant

April 1, 2002

Easter on the island: It was the kind of Easter you hope for: Mobs out at Jackson's Beach for the Egg Hunt there at one, and a bunch of folks at the Roche Harbor festivities. Churches were pretty full during a sunny spring morning, and most of the tourists/visitors who were overloaded on the ferry in town seemed cheerful about it.

You know how the Easter egg hunt at the beach works: The Fire Department gets out there around 11am and starts hiding eggs and plastic eggs among the driftwwood (yes, seagulls beat some of the kids to some of 'em). The plastic eggs can be cashed in for stuff donated by local businesses...and fun is had by all.

Gardening time: Time to make things grow (like the salal in the photo, right). Seems like most of the folks I talked to Sunday afternoon spent at least part of the day in the garden yesterday & Saturday.

Inch by inch & row by row...

A handy site for figuring out how to grow stuff in the Northwest is the Slugs & Salal page, which is devoted to issues related to growing tings in our particular clime.

Kate - wow!: Wasn't Kate Schuman's show last night great? It's amazing to think that she (and the incredibly talented band she assembled to back her up) all live here. Standing room only - great show.

Mailbag: Yep, people actually write and tell me what they think about what they read here - here's some cuts....

Hey, I noticed you used the word "wonderful" three times last week in your writeup.
Can't you be more creative? - Tom LeAngel

Thanks for reading so closely. Actually, I generally feel pretty good about life and specifically about living here, so I saved up the use of the word "wonderful" for a month just so I could overuse it last week.

Just the way I write, rookie.

You should cover more sports in your Update, not just the ones you hear about. - Alyson Beartio

Buy an ad at the top of this newsletter and we'll add a sportswriter to the staff.

Till then, you're stuck with me, scoop.

How come you never write about stuff that happens around town like the divorces and who's sleeping with who and the people in the Sheriff's log and stuff that's really interesting? - Bob Shalloton

That stuff happens HERE? You're kidding.... I'm always the last to know.

Town page: Have you looked at the Town's website, kept up by Steve Dubail, lately? He's got a nice photo of Marc Vermeire's FHHS Environmental Studies Class at the Town's Wastewater Treatment Facility. Good stuff.

Nice quote on the page, too: "Not to know is bad. Not to want to know is worse. Not to hope is unthinkable. Not to care is unforgivable." - Nigerian saying

Softball & baseball: The girls got a no-hitter (Genoa was the pitcher...AND it was her birthday) on Friday to beat Orcas, then lost Saturday 2-0 here to tough University Prep on a sunny, let's-play-two kinda day. Ended the last inning with Erica Percich on third poised to score...

The girls are lookin' good - be fun to see 'em at state.

The boys play at 4:30 Tuesday here...see you there.

Quote: "Shallow men believe in luck, believe in circumstances -- it was somebody's name, or he happened to be there at the time, or it was so then, and another day would have been otherwise. Strong men believe in cause and effect." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Whales: The Whale Museum is keeping up on the situation with that whale calf downsound...check out their latest report about the kid who's lost his family pod.

And...the Whale Museum just hired a new director. See the San Juan Islander for details.


March 28, 2002

A beautiful day in the neighborhood: Wasn't last weekend awesome? Now, THAT's what spring is supposed to look like! Get outside & run!

And yesterday's gray, wet, chilly day is what sometimes happens. You know, we had baseball practice scheduled for 4:30, and at 2pm it was raining & muddy & crummy. I ran into the always-positive Rob Browne (his boy Justin puts 'em over the fence for our team), and he looked outside & said, "It'll clear up."

And it did, enough to practice, anyway.

More ball: The FHHS girls' softball squad plays their first-ever home fastpitch game tomorrow after school, over at the elementary field. Janna from Post San Juan told me they looked pretty awesome thumping Snohomish County Christian twice last Saturday in their season opener down there. Her grandaughter Genoa pitches for the Wolverines (by the way, it's her birthday tomorrow. Don't tell her I told ya.)

And - the baseball boys won their opener, too.

Off to a good start.

Eighth greaders rock: Our eighth grade basketball boys played a barnstorming team for Ketchikan, Alaska on Tuesday - the visitors had just come from playing in the AAU tourney in Spokane. Our guys did well, coming back from 11 down in the third to win in the last three minutes 60-56.

You know, we could have a pretty awesome high school squad in the brew here. Keep an eye on these guys.

And - special "way to go!" to Sandi Guard and Sandy Roe for setting it all up, as well as all they've done for 6th-8th grade basketball for the past three years. These are two wonderful women who really care about kids.

March madness: You probably filled out one of those NCAA bracket thingies a few weeks ago, saying who you thought would progress in the did I.

As I had Alabama & Oregon (my alma maters) meeting in the finals, I kinda blew it there. But I also had home-team Gonzaga, with one of their best squads forever, going all the way. Aggh... they lost in the first game.

Oh, well, I still like Spokane anyway. Nice place.

Port: Have you seen the Port of Friday Harbor's new re-design of their website? The project was led by Harbormaster Ed Barrett & features nice tours of the things the Port does, designed by By Design's incomparable Tim Dustrude. Check it out at

Milk it: The San Juan Islander reports a greater percentage of Island women breastfeed their kids than any other county in the state.

Once again, we're a leader.

Little show: Here is a message from Matt and Barbara at San Juan Gallery & Framing Services. It is a unique, interesting approach to an art show!

San Juan Gallery & Framing invites you to a Miniature Art Reception Thursday March 28th, 5:00pm to 8:00pm. Refreshments provided. 3 Artisans will be creating images for an auction at the show and the auction will be at 7:00pm. Proceeds will benefit the Chamber Scholarship fund, Soroptimist Scholarship fund and Wolf Hollow.

Please join us for a fun and interesting evening and enjoy over 75 pieces of some of our Island's most talented artists. All art will be offered for sale. Show can be viewed March 28 - April 11, if you can not make the reception

Wally's in: Last week, the Town Council filled the spot vacated by Vonda when she moved off-island with Wally Gillette, who lost in that one- or two-vote race back in the fall to Howie Rosenfeld.

Log in: Have you seen Mark Conner's cool houses? He's the guy who designed the Technology Center - wonderful wood places. Check out his website.

Peter does it again: Peter Fromm's show of his photos (which are still hung in the Theater lobby) was wonderful...I ran into people in the street this week who were there who said, first thing, "Wasn't that cool?" And it was.

The pictures he takes look great shown on a 12' x 12' screen, and his gentle, humorous narration makes you settle in for the evening.

And - it's his birthday last week! He's 55!

Way to go.

March 21, 2002

Late again: Just like everyone else with kids this morning, we got up to listen to the radio, and sure enough, school starts a couple of hours late again.

Did you know there's snow on the ground, again, for the second day of spring here on the island? Wow.

Which, if you think about it, is cool...means we gotta take the kids to work for a bit so they can see what we do during the day.

Most kids, of course, don't sleep in for snow days...hope you got to.

Up on the roof: Ace birdwatcher Susan Vernon told me she saw some "roofies" (that's a rufous to the right) last week...another indicator spring is in the offing....

Math magic: Did you know that at 8:02pm on the 20th last month it was 20:02 on 02/20/02? Did you KNOW that?

Sprung: Happy equinox to you...nothing but sunny days from here on out. Longer ones for sure...

You know the drill...snow in March brings April showers.
April showers bring May flowers.
What do May flowers bring?

Island Rec: Have you like at the Island Rec website (used to be Park & Rec) to see what you're gonna be doing this spring? Do it.

Reminds me of when I first moved here and was taking minutes for the San Juan Island Park & Rec - it was Park with no "s" because there's only one. My older boys asked his mama where Papa was, and where the car was. She said, "He went to Park & Rec." He said, "Is he OK? Do we need to get a new car now?"

Peter at the Theater: Peter Fromm, author of Whale Tales: Human Interactions With Whales (Volumes I & II) is presenting his slideshow & talk "Visions of a Water Rat" tomorrow (that's Friday). If you haven't seen his wonderful photos, check 'em out both at this presentation and in the lobby at the Theater. Good stuff.


March 20, 2002

Snowed in: Happy first day of spring! Island residents awoke this morning to a nice blanket of snow which means a two-hour delay for school and a chance to go outside & play in it before it melts. The photo at right was shot just before dawn, to give you an idea.

Just goes to prove - you think you know how things are gonna go, and then they surprise ya.

Meanwhile, sure is pretty outside.

Quote: "Until mankind can extend the circle of his compassion to include all living things, he will never, himself, know peace."- Albert Schweitzer, Nobel Peace Prize recipient, l950 

Corn: Someone told me Harbor Air's old website is now a porn site, so don't look at it.


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Ian Byington

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