Champs! The U-15 girls won the season-ending tournament in Burlington this weekend with a 2-0 victory in the title game.

The Ice Monkeys got together for a moment at the awards ceremony: (front row, from left) Sidra, Clara, Elle, Hannah, Megan, Mickey; (second row) Madison, Megan, Melissa, Maggie, and coach Bob Leytze. (Lizzy & Larissa had to run at the end of the game...) Way to go, girls!

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November 10, 2006

Wild weekend ahead: Well, what passes for wild with us, anyway.

What will happen in FHHS football Saturday night? How will Pelindaba's movie turn out? Will the flooding reach the islands, as reported on the national news (they miss occasional other things, too)? Will one of the ferries break down? Will anybody buy me a beer for working so hard to bring you the news? What will happen after our school kids take Friday off - after they wake up after sleeping in till noon?

Anything could happen.

Baby on the way: A quick, sweet note from Kim at Whidbey Island Bank:

Everyone's Favorite Bank Teller (Tawny) starts her maternity leave on Monday, so stop by and wish her well tomorrow.  Still no baby! Kimberley Blake

Movie at Pelindaba: Here's the scoop, in their own words:

Evenings at Pelindaba Downtown: Film Club
November 10, 2006
Times: 6:30 p.m.
Location: Pelindaba Downtown, First St. Friday Harbor, San Juan Island
Phone: 360-378-4248
Admission: Free
"Water" - Our first film club evening features a showing of this extraordinary and beautifully photographed (East) Indian film that has long featured near the top of the list of films recommended by attendees at previous film events. Winner of many international film festivals awards, the film focuses with lingering detail on the fate of culturally orthodox and economically disadvantaged Hindu widows in pre-WWII India, made all the more poignant when, as in this case, the widow is only 8 years old. This film of devotion and survival was produced against a background of significant controversy over its making, but has since been widely praised for its condemnation of religious fanaticism. DIRECTOR: Deepa Mehta. (2005 Rated PG-13) Film showing (117 mins.) commences 6:30 p.m. followed by discussion.

Off the rock: I have to go to Seattle today. If you need me to get anything, let me know. Look after the place for me, willya?

November 9, 2006

More election stuff: So, in other election news, Howie won his match with Albert, which means he'll represent Friday Harbor on the San Juan County Council. I believe this is the way it works: The Council will be seated as early as December, so Howie will resign from Town Council.

Meanwhile, the Town Council needs to appoint someone to fill the rest of Howie's term, and is presently taking letters of interest from folks who might want to serve. They may make that decision as early as next Council meeting. I've heard from Steve Wehrley (he ran against Liz Illg last year) that he's interested, and heard that Carrie Lacher might be as well.

Proud grandmother: It was cool to run into Judy Cumming (right) and grandkid Jack yesterday - this is Tracy & Kelby's child. It's fun to watch her & proud grandpa Jim smile whenever you say the word "grandchild."

Local connections: As the president appoints 1980s-era former CIA guy Robert Gates to become the secretary of defense, it's worth noting that was during local ex-CIA guy Herb Meyer's time there...

Also, in another matter, Bill Ruckelshaus is helping convene a workshop next week that he's chairing with the governor to help implement an environmental ed curriculum in the state's schools. Islander Bill is a much-admired conservationist who served as the first EPA Director in the Nixon administration, when the Environmental Protection Agency was begun.

Pritchard I: Here's Ron Pritchard - he's the new assistant manager at Browne's Home center. I got to meet him yesterday, so I took his picture so you'd know what he looks like. He's a nice fellow - looks like they got a good guy.

Pritchard II: Remember Donna Pritchard? She used to sell real estate down at Coldwell Banker, and has since moved to Idaho, kinda. She's back in town for a while with her partner & new name (Savage), and she dropped me this note about what she's up to:

Hi, Ian! 

So here is the scoop.  I am back in town for a short while so I wanted to get some bellydancing going.   #1---Starting next Monday, Nov 13, I will be teaching bellydance classes (no dance experience necessary) at Dance Workshop, 6:30-8:00 for 5 weeks, ending Dec. 11. $60 paid at the door.

I am also willing to bring some additional sparkle to holiday events and parties by personal performances in homes, etc. for a fee of $200, including preview of venue (Thanksgiving Day & New Year's Eve are $300). 

Finally, and it's a blast---I offer Dance Parties.  A group of girls (ages 10-100) get together, and I provide costuming, music &, basic dance instruction---then we just let go and have some fun!  It's a great way to celebrate for any reason at all.  If someone wants the party but has no room, no problem!  We can use my beach house---it loves parties!  Cost is $300 for 3-hour party. 

The photos I included here seems to most express the fun of these events.  Thanks for the blurb!  Donna - (Call: (Cell):  360-317-7492 or Home:  360-378-3079.

Football rolls on: We didn't take first in league this year, so we had to do it the hard way & win two to get back to state, but we're in - winning 42-14 on Tuesday at Sumner sets us up with a date on Saturday vs. Montesano in Tumwater at 7 in the evening (bring your raingear!)

Quote: You will be better advised to watch what we do instead of what we say. - A. A. Milne, author of "Winnie-the-Pooh."

November 8, 2006

The results are in: I went to the store for a moment this morning and heard a couple of people talking, obviously of different parties. One referred to the returns from last night & said, "Well, sh*t happens." The other guy smiled & said, "No, IT happens."

Locally, it's generally about the candidate, not the party, and the county results show Joan White topped Dan Gillespie for county clerk and Milene Henley turned back Greg Hertel for county auditor. Here are the complete final county results from the county's website.

Maybe it's time to re-name the state: I liked this review of some creative (and some overdue) state initiatives - maybe in the next election? See what you think.

Quote: As human beings, we need to know that we are not alone, that we are not crazy or completely out of our minds, that there are other people out there who feel as we do, live as we do, love as we do, who are like us. - Billy Joel

November 7, 2006

Rain, rain, rain: While the weather report calls for more rain today (click the link at the top of this page -- you'll see!), it also says there's been nearly an inch & a half in the past three days. That's a lot of runoff on this hilly rock, but much needed after getting little more than that in months.

Tiger football: I heard that both the Freshman & Junior Tigers lost their games this weekend, ending their playoff runs. They had good seasons, with a lot of smiles on the ferries on the rides home....

Meanwhile, FHHS plays in Sumner today as their football playoff race continues.

Help needed: All those packages...Hamid & Dora are hiring for the holiday season at Post San Juan, across from the Best Western. The nicest people you'd ever want to work for...

That's the cove off Pear Point, just past the gravel pit, on a slightly more sunny day last week.

Open House: Denise from Home Port Flooring & Design says her open house is the 16th, from 4-7pm. See ya there! (Across from the Market Chef, with goodies by Big Barn Bakes.)

40% off: Vivien Burnett tells me she has a special going at Dolphin Arts, downtown next to Bella Luna. The deal: 40% off all cotton clothing & all screenprinted shirts.

Quote: Leave the old and dying America and use your creative energies to help form a new America, which would be de-militarized, more humanistic, where the wealthy are not given unleashed power for the exploitation of the people. - Phil Ochs

November 6, 2006

Election Day looms: Tomorrow's election day seems pretty laid-back here, especially since we have a mail-in the big deal is to make sure you actually mailed yours in.

Meanwhile, the good folks at Printonyx aren't confused - yes, Albert & Howie are running against each other - it's always been owner Kris Brown's policy to let anyone running for office put their sign up. Equal opportunity electioneering...

My theory was that she only let people post signs if they got their election stuff done at Printonyx, but Kris said, nope, that wasn't it at all....

Drugs at the border: This article in the Vancouver Sun speaks to the problems not only of drugs but specifically of the proliferation of ecstacy, especially when border crossings are involved. Since we're mentioned in the article, I thought you'd be interested.....

Former islander writes us up: It's neat to see that former islander & still chef Greg Atkinson is still writing - that's Laurie Paul at the Market Chef in Greg's article in the Seattle Times, yesterday. Check it out - nice photo of her, too.

Banana Belt changes hands: Marilyn Chapman worked at the Banana Belt for four years before buying the place seven years ago.

This last weekend she and Bob (top left) celebrated the change of ownership to Jules & Moon (top right) on Friday night. The cake said it all, and Teala & Lilly Urdahl (bottom right) helped out for the evening and by buying new hats there. Moon & Jules said they gave away about $600 in prizes and a pretty good crowd showed up. (Photos by Moon - thanks! - except for the one I took of him....)

Soccer weekend: The middle school soccer season wrapped up this weekend in the season-ending tournament at Burlington. Our three teams played in four-team brackets, meaning they played two full games in the championship series.

Ice Monkeys win it all: The U-15 girls drew the number two seed in their first game, but avenged a 1-0 loss to Mount Vernon with a 3-2 victory, behind goals from Clara Brand, Elle Guard, and Madison McPadden. In the championship game they beat Burlington 2-0 to go home with the top spot, with goals by Guard and Mickey Leytze. "It's what we've been doing all season - every goal is a team goal. The ball starts with our defense, our midfielders work it forward, and someone scores, but everyone's involved," said coach Bob Leytze. "It's the style we play, and it's beautiful to watch. This is a great group of girls."

Red Raiders win third place: The U-15 boys got a goal from Tim Samarasighe against a strong LaConner squad, but that wasn't enough as they lost 5-1. Playing for third place with Conway, the boys controlled play in a steady downpour, building a 3-0 lead to coast to 3-2 victory. Goals by Samarasighe, Cameron Byington, and Victor Capron sealed the deal for the Red Raiders, who ended the season 5-4. The defense, led by keeper Dylan Nelson and stopper Nick Roberts (left), kept cutting off the attack throughout the rainy, windy day. "When the wind's blowing 30 miles an hour, and the rain is falling, and these guys just keep looking for each other - it's a great thing to watch. I couldn't be prouder of the way we've improved this year," said coach Ian Byington afterwards. Four of the Raiders will play for the FHHS varsity in the spring.

Aqua Bombs take fourth: The U-13 girls lost both tourney games, but made it hard for the teams they played - both games were tied after regualtion and were settled by shootouts, giving keeper Rhiana Franklin a workout for the day. It was our best two games of the year," noted coach Jeff MacDonald. "We really showed how we've improved. It was a great year."

Quote: "If all printers were determined not to print anything till they were sure it would offend nobody, there would be very little printed." - Benjamin Franklin

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