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There are a couple of things that I think about when I vote for a levy: Do we need what the levy's for? Do we get what we pay for?

On both counts, I'd say Island Rec delivers the goods. A community this size needs programs to offer recreation opportunities, children's enrichment, and chances for us all to grow and play together. It's a big part of making this community a place in which we like to live. Are these essential? Programs like Camp Eagle Rock ensure that working families have options. Programs like teen open gym give kids good choices. And programs that bring people together to play softball, roller hockey, indoor soccer, basketball are integral to weaving a community together. Essential? You bet.

Do we get what we pay for? Island Rec provides an infrastructure that gives volunteers a place to connect. That translates to hundreds of volunteer hours to make programs work. We get way more than we pay for from a fiscally responsible outfit whose efforts do so much for so many. Look at the sheer number of programs and classes in last summer's program guide. It's not just a good deal - it's a bargain.

I'm voting yes to keep Island Rec doing what it's doing. I hope you do, too.

Ian Byington