LOGO DESIGN 101 * ready for the big time!
Due: Thursday, May 15

2-3 logos (depending on complexity)
Logos on gear (pix below)

150 dpi

up to four colors/stay with solids/no shadows

Okay, my friend! Here's the deal. Yes, the board wants you to go ahead and turn them loose on it. This is what we need.

#1 An imprint for the front of a hat.
Size can't be more than 3.5" wide or high.
Incorporate the name (initials) D.H.M. Community Sailing
Hat colors will be khaki crown with a washed green visor.

They were thinking a circle with a sketch of the clancy boat, D.H.M. curved on top and Community Sailing under.
My thought is turn them loose. Give them the info and see what they do with it.
Interesting that the name Clancy, was the builder's dog's name. Take a look at the pictures. The sails will always have the large C with a dog bone underneath it. So I'm thinking it would be great to throw in the dog bone. Maybe a dogbone for the side of the hats as well as the front logo?

#2. We need an imprint for the t-shirts. Full back (we'll use the hat logo for left chest imprint) The name should be spelled out, I would think on the back imprint. Name is Drayton Harbor Maritime Community Sailing.
Size for back imprint: 12"- 15" width, no wider.
15" high
You don't have to use the full imprint area. It can be colorful for both logos. The sails as you can see are always very colorful. For the screened imprint keep it to 4 colors or under.

Purpose of the program and product, is to offer to middle school aged students and on up (even adult classes available) a good recreation for the summer time, to keep them off of the streets and out of trouble and to teach them responsibility. It's a great program for the kids. Product will be given when they complete the course and will also be available for sale to raise money for the next year's program. (insurance, storage rent for the boats, scholarship fund for those who can't afford to join in, repairs, etc...) The head of this program is a retired teacher by the way.

I am offering the product completely at my cost. We're getting donations for all of it. Hopefully the program will take off and be a huge community summer event!

Questions: Who are you students and how old are they? I would offer tees with the imprint on them for all of the participants. Hopefully we can do hats as well. We'll have to see how much money is raised.

Okay! The ball is in your court! Turn "em loose! And thank you so very, very much! You are the best!

love ya, Viv