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April 14, 2008

That's Ann & Bridget over at Mi Casta last week - they're part of the reason it's one of the friendliest places to eat in town....

You knew how nice it was this weekend...
But did you know it was this nice? Ivan at Western Prince was out on the water & got some great photos of the amazing wildlife - here, take a look.

Blog action.....
Goeff Livingston says in his blog that coming to see us on the island is one of the 100 things he wants to do before he dies...check his list (we're #83).

What's happening on the island!
click for more info:

Meanwhile, I like Frederick Mead (AKA the Kung Fu Evangelist)'s working us into a poem of his, online. Here's a bit from it (you can see the whole thing online here):

a ferryboat navigating the chain
of San Juan islands
in the fog, emeralds
emerging then receding
in the fog

when we arrive
we see the map
and realize in retrospect
the winding
circuitous path we have followed
all along

Her book is out!
Sue Carnes tells me her children's book, in which she does the paintings & the story, is now released! Here's the details:

Bruce Conway of Ilumina Publishing announced today the publication of a new book, en

titled MY CHAMPION. The book showcases the rugged San Juan Islands in 22 original oil paintings by Susan Carnes. The story is about a 10-year-old girl and her faithful workhorse on a glorious adventure of self-discovery. In the natural arena of Driftwood Cove, wistful dreaming and child’s play turn into a contest with nature’s fury only a champion could win. The longing to be unbridled and run free is graced with love in this portrait of a wild heart.  Master storyteller Ernest Pugh narrates the story on an accompanying CD, enlivening the vivid imagery with his expressive voice.

Educators, environmentalists, counselors, writers, artists, grandparents, parents, horse-lovers and youth speak of MY CHAMPION with enthusiasm: Maureen Dietrich, editor of Pacific Pearl Magazine, writes “Carnes’ rich, colorful illustrations weave together the story with her own profound passion for our natural environment. Upbeat and inspiring, this book speaks to young girls everywhere with kindness and understanding.” R. Ted Johnson, Chicago public school principal, describes the book as “a reflection into the fragile self-esteem of the human psyche.” Artist Sherry Smith-Bell remarks that Carnes “captures the poetic wonder of a young girl’s growth towards confidence and maturity.”

Author and artist Susan Carnes created the story from pieces of her life. Islanders know her as the former 4-H Coordinator who showcased the work of youth. Before moving to Friday Harbor, Susan was an elementary school counselor in Sweet Home and Holly Oregon, involved in issues that included self-esteem, stewardship and outdoor recreation. She worked as a counselor in mental health and taught art in the schools and communities of Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin. Susan and her husband raised three sons on a large Wisconsin cattle farm overlooking Lake Superior.

From the time of her first art show at age nine, she drew, raised and raced horses, often winning prizes and riding champions. When she was just five years old, Susan began to ride a Percheron horse from her father’s farm team.  With his power and protection, she built driftwood kingdoms along the water, and dreamed one day of writing and illustrating a book about what she had learned in the wilderness.

Today, with granddaughters as models, the majesty of the Pacific Northwest as inspiration, and the understanding of a lifetime of work with children, MY CHAMPION is the realization of that dream.

Life belongs to the living, and he who lives must be prepared for changes.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

April 11, 2008

Poets, unite!
The Library hosts the Poetry & Spoken Word tonight (Friday! Yep, long week, eh?)...grab your notebook & get over there to listen & maybe read your stuff. It's at's more.

April 10, 2008

New at the Argyle House.....
The friendly faces you saw around town yesterday are Jennifer & Art Smith, who just closed the deal, purchasing Argyle House, located on Argyle Street, with warm feet, 'cause you know what kinda sox they wear.....

J & A bought the bed & breakfast from Tammra & Carlos, who have been running it since they bought it from Bill & Chris Carli, who started it back in the '80s...they tell me they are excited to be here, and have great plans for the place. Drop by & tell 'em hey!

What it's like.....
People around here often ask what it's like being a webpage maker, here on the island. It's kinda like being a, this will explain.

Orcas on the west side....
Jim Maya says mom J16 and her kid J42, and the rest of J pod were over on the west side this's proof (right)....

Buenos Dias!
Piet & Brook check in...from Andorra:

The Visser Family has moved again! We really enjoyed living in Punta del Este Uruguay, but we found it too far from family. Since we moved here only 6 weeks ago to Andorra - on the Spanish French Boarder. We have visitors planning trips here. My Cousin from Norway, Brook's Aunt, my Mom and Dad, my Brother. I know that Brook's mom is figuring out when to come - but not until the snow melts. Best of all we all get to attend my Mom and Dad's 50th Wedding anniversary (combined with my Dad's 75th birthday) to be held in Norway. We put together a blog about our travels and adventures, it links to other websites of ours.
Brook, Piet, Emma, Eli and Erin

The fish are biting at Lakedale - REALLY biting.....
Tiffany Spendiff reports that the big ones are not getting away over at Lakedale:

Hi Ian! Since fishing season (and our spring weather) is just picking up I thought I’d send you this picture. My boyfriend Adam caught this HUGE trout at Lakedale on Sunday. It’s about 23” long and weighed in at a little over 6.5lbs. Yum!
Happy Spring to ya! Tiffany

And...what if we DID have an oil spill?
Brendan Cowan from the DEM reports:

In advance of fully updating the Geographic Response Plans (GRP) for oil spills in the San Juan Islands and North Puget Sound regions, members of the public and the oil spill response community will have three opportunities to attend workshops that will describe what GRPs are and how to best provide comments on the plans.

See for more info, on the 11th.

Living simply....
PL Morningstar tends to write nicely in her blog - she and Bob lived over on Egg Lake Road, and she offers a compelling look at life in the Northwest, through her's more.

The Master Gardener Foundation presents the Spring Gardening Workshop!
It's on Saturday, April 19, from 9-3:15 at Friday Harbor Middle School. Registration $25 ($30 after April 12) can get the registration form here (it's a big download, so give it time), or see: or call Kris at 360.378.4414. See ya there!

Great picture on the water....
My new friend Judith wrote & asked if I'd share the photo to the right with you - wow. She shot it last summer when she was out whale watching. Here's more of her stuff at - check it out! (Click on the pic to see a bigger version.)

New grandkid, on the other side of the world....
It's always good to hear from Jane, but she's way out of the country:

I'm in Basel, Switzerland for the birth of my newest grandson, who arrived on the 5th of April. It is such a pleasure to pull up the UPDATE and see what is happening back home! Loved your direction to the website for the do-it-yourself flower garden. A bouquet to you for putting this great website together! All best, Jane Dill

Fast food here...not......
Even our friends who visit here are amazed (and we're a bit smug) that there's not much in the way of fast food here on our little rock - here are some observations from the Beam Reach website, which looks like a really cool program (check it out, here!)

Adopt a road to make the island litter-free....
Here's the deal from Lori Stokes and David Dehlendorf, of the Anti-litter Initiative:

Let’s all celebrate Earth Day this year (April 22) with a renewed commitment to keeping our island litter-free!

In 2007, over 100 islanders signed up for our Imagine No Litter! campaign, agreeing to regularly clean many of our roadsides and beaches.  Most of these individuals and groups have said they will continue their efforts in the upcoming year.  But there are still sections of the island that need help, and we would like to encourage anyone not yet participating to sign up to adopt one (or part) of the following roads or beaches:

Bailer Hill Road from Douglas to Wold

Beaverton Valley Road from Ivan to Erickson

Cattle Point from Argyle to Madden

Douglas Road

Jackle’s Lagoon

Madden Lane

Pear Point from the gravel pit to Duffy House (November to March only)

San Juan Drive from Reuben Tarte to southern end of road

San Juan Valley Road from Boyce to Hidden Meadows

Smugglers Cove Road

Sutton Road from Roche Harbor Road to transfer station entrance

West Side Road from Straits View to Thimbleberry

West Side Road from the county park to Mitchell Bay Road

West Side Road from Hannah to Land Bank property

West Valley Road from Raven Ridge to Skottowe

West Valley Road from the English Camp entrance to Lawson Road

Wold Road

Any roads in town!

If you are willing to help, please call Lori Stokes at 378-4643 or email her at

Safety vests, gloves, bags, and trash grabbers are all available at no cost from Friends of the San Juans; and the transfer station on Sutton Road will accept collected litter without charge.

How's Matt's campaign coming?
Here's more from Kerwin & Margaret & the family:

Just one more letter from Matt Johnson’s Family to update their island supporters about how they can help as well as keep in touch with them.

1. Matt and Jackie now have a website that will keep you informed.  If interested, go to and check it out.

2. A Fund has been sit up at Wells Fargo Bank. Matt has health insurance but his transplant will far exceed the limit. If you’d like to help out financially, please go to any Wells Fargo Branch to donate.  Checks must be made out to the Matt Johnson Family Benefit Fund.

3. Fundraisers are currently being organized. A local dinner, auction, and dance will be held Friday, May 17th in Friday Harbor.  We are currently seeking items for both a silent and live auction.

4. Help us make this a successful event. If you’d like to help with the event or have auction items, please contact Nancy Jones @ 378-5467, Dianne Hall @ 298-0637, or Jane Gerhardstein @ 378-4321.

The top poster winners.....
Shannan from the Library has more:

Island Rec’s Children’s Festival Committee has named the top winners in its poster contest based on this year’s festival theme: Spring into Motion.

First place winner, third grader Ally MacDiarmid, came up with a springy and clever grasshopper design (right - click on it to see the BIG version); she won a Wildlife Tour for four on the Western Prince II. Second grader Yasmin Sarah’s second place winning poster shows a delightful scene of children playing in a playground; third place winner, second grader Laurel Robertson’s poster struck a pose – a yoga tree pose; and fourth place winner, second grader Lauren Ayers, showcases another tree and kite flying, cartwheeling fun-having kids.

Many posters were submitted for review and several of them will be on display at area stores starting mid April to promote the May 3 festival. The first place poster will be on display at Island Rec’s Guard Street office, the second place and fourth place posters will be at festival sponsor Toy Box, and the third place poster will be on display at festival sponsor Osito’s.

The winners will be awarded their prizes during a ceremony at the Children’s Festival at noon on the main stage. The festival is at the San Juan County Fairgrounds from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

From a sidewalk near you:

April 8, 2008

That's Coral (right) with her chihuahua Speedy at the soccer game last weekend....

Going to the show, for a spell....
I know YOU have always wondered, and I have too: How DO you spell the showboxes around here?

Here's what I've discovered, or made up - the one up on Guard & Second is the San Juan Community Theatre (like Canadians & Brits spell it.) Meanwhile, the Benefit Players Theater over at the Pig War Museum is spelled with the "e-r" like that, so I went down to ask Aaron how he spells the Palace (which in various forms has been around for 75 years), and he says it's the "Palace Theatre." Like that.

Island Stage Left operates all over the island, so this month their place would be called "The 4-H Building."

Speaking of going to the show....
I went to check out Talley's Folly this weekend, and you know what - they've done it again.

This two-person play is a delicate dance between a man & a woman who are sorting out their pasts, their past together, and...well, heck, isn't that enough to work on? The dialog is terse in places, poetic in others, and adds up to a pretty satisfying mood poem dedicated to the way we all try and figure each other out. Krista Strutz returns after her delightful turn in Educating Rita last year (one of my favorite shows last year), and she's perfect as the country girl who's figuring out how to move on. Daniel Mayes becomes the character opposite her with all his complexity, and it's great to see the two of them play off each other.

The 4-H Building at the Fairgrounds is a perfect spot for this show - the small, intimate venue keeps you involved in a well-done & involving show...this is one you don't want to miss.

The state of our parks.....
Some environmentalist in Alabama who is a regular Update reader sent me a link from the Center for the State of the Parks (nationally), and the report says our parks are pretty good, but could use some help. Here is the report, which includes these observations:

According to an assessment by NPCA’s Center for State of the Parks, current overall conditions of San Juan Island National Historical Park's known cultural resources rated a "fair" score of 67 out of 100. Funds are needed to support maintenance and rehabilitation of historic structures as well as archaeological work. Natural resources received a "fair" score of 72 out of 100. Non-native rabbits and invasive plants are invading the park’s prairie.

Tim Pope is in the show....
The eco-series “Big Ideas for a Small Planet” on cable TV’s Sundance Channel this month is airing an episode exclusively about water, according to a Sundance Channel press release. There's a part of the show focused on de-salinization, and another about what our friend Tim Pope does, here on the island.

The 30-minute program, “Big Ideas for a Small Planet: Water,” introduces three people who are working on creative solutions to a looming global shortage of drinking water. Scheduled to first air April 15 at 9 p.m. Eastern/Pacific, the program is part of Sundance Channel’s THE GREEN, regularly scheduled environmental programming on that channel presented by Robert Redford and co-presented by Lexus and Citi Smith Barney.

Among others, the program will introduce viewers to islanders to Tim Pope, who is president of Northwest Water Source, a water-harvesting company here. Pope, a former truck driver, will demonstrate a few of the nearly 200 rainwater harvesting systems he has installed in the San Juan Islands.

“Big Ideas for a Small Planet,” now in its second series, won an Environmental Media Association award last season.

Medical Center's new website....
Have you seen it? Just it is. Check it out!

Last fall I got to hang out with Butch Brightman (right) at a wedding that I was dj'ing, where he was dancing and having a great time, and with his great smile, so was everyone else. He and I knew each other from a class he took at Skagit, and I was lucky enough to be one of the folks he told about how he was gonna marry Patty about five years ago. I don't believe I've ever seen two happier people.

It was sad to hear of his passing last week, and his big, generous spirit will be missed here on the island. Here's a little writeup of his life.....

No one has yet realized the wealth of sympathy, the kindness and generosity hidden in the soul of a child. The effort of every true education should be to unlock that treasure.
Emma Goldman

April 7, 2008

Scandinavia well represented....
I heard that last week when FHHS exchange students Charlotte (left, Norwegian) and Anna (Swede) played tennis in Coupeville last week, they played a doubles team with a Finn and an American.

Regular United Nations on the court....

On to the nationals....
Proud papa Marc Reshovsky tells me his son Zachary will be competing in D.C. next month as the state's representative in the National Geographic Bee, after winning the state championship in Tacoma last weekend.

The Griffin Bay School eighth grader came in second in state last year to the eventual state & national winner...good luck!

Naming the team...
If the guys that played us in soccer are called the Decatur Gators, should we think about becoming the Friday Harbor Barbers?

Understanding the laws....
Carolyn DeRoos sent this over:

The San Juan County Bar Association invites the public to a free legal presentation titled, "Current Immigration Law Basics,” on Friday, April 11, 2008 from 4 to 5pm in the District Court, second floor of the Courthouse, Friday Harbor. The presentation will be by Ms. Margaret O'Donnell and Ms. Karol Brown, attorneys with Global Law Partners. Their firm provides comprehensive immigration services for individuals, businesses and families, The focus is on assistance to immigrants "who wish to live, work and prosper in the United States." 

Please contact Carolyn deRoos at 378-6323 for additional information.

APS Bowlathon - successful for the third year!
Leslie from the APS writes in:

Paradise Lanes once again hosted the annual Friday Harbor Animal Shelter Bowlathon on Sat March 22nd. 34 bowlers raised over $9,000 in sponsorships this year in a great night of bowling, pizza, music, door prizes and all-around fun. Lynda Howell came in again as 'top dog' in raising over $2,600. Sue Ross brought in over $1,000 and Chris Sly-Prochnow came in third with $750 in sponsor donations.

Leslie Byron, the shelter director, would like to personally thank everyone involved in helping out this year. Thank you to all the bowlers, volunteers, sponsors and the businesses who donated prizes. And a special thanks to Dave and Debbie at Jimmy's Cafe and Scott at Paradise Lanes for all their help!

When I heard in November that Tom Pemberton (above) had gone into hospice care at his home, that was a sad day, but it was sadder this weekend as he passed away at the age of 76. His longtime partner, former FHHS guidance counselor & local writer Emily Reed tells me he passed away peacefully on Friday at home.

Tom was a gifted sculptor (you can get an idea from his website), and he left an enduring & endearing stamp on the community with his "Puddles" sculpture in 2002, located near the entrance of the elementary school (the pictures are from the dedication that year, and include kids dressed up like the kids in the sculpture. We'll miss our gruff, talented, tough old friend....

Emily tells me she and his daughters Rachel & Gretchen are going to put together a celebration of his life sometime this summer, so I'll let you know when that is.

Soccer plays two....
The soccer boys had a tough second half on Friday with Sultan, as the Turks pushed ahead from a 1-1 halftime score to win 5-2. The Wolverines got goals from seniors Miguel Medina and Erik Nash in the match.

Saturday was, unexpectedly, more fun, as FHHS played their first 4A opponent in a decade, and came away with a creditable 1-1 draw with an undermanned Decatur High squad.

The Gators struck first, with a header over our keeper at about 12 minutes, but seven minutes later Erik Nash's ricocheted shot dropped to Kevin O'Conner's feet, and the senior made it count for a 1-1 lockdown at the half, and for the game.

That's Grant Schwinge (right, in white) controlling the visitors in front of our goal.

The boys have a couple of weeks off, returning to action on Friday the 18th with Meridian.

New novel, set in the San Juans.....
Jami Davenport's second novel, Who's Been Sleeping in my Bed?,is set for release in June...her work is described as "humorous, sexy, and smart," by one is her website, and here is more from her blog.

It'll be fun to see how we look in the book.

"I do not want the peace that passeth understanding. I want the understanding which bringeth peace." -- Helen Keller

April 4, 2008

We appear to have lost a baby whale....
While it was good news to hear J pod was in the neighborhood earlier this week, it's sad to hear that apparently baby J43 wasn't with them. Here are some photos from the Center for Whale Research, and their report:

Ken Balcomb and Dave Ellifrit were launching the Center's new minimum impact research vessel, "T-Bo" (which is an acronym for tin boat) at Roche Harbor, when Brian Goodremont (San Juan Outfitters) told them that J pod was off the west side of San Juan Island. Was it April Fools or for real? After launching, Ken and Dave responded and confirmed all members of J pod present, except the new calf, J43, born to J14 last autumn and is presumed dead. The 2008 research season now begins.

Boats in the street: I saw this guy (right) get off the ferry last Sunday, ready to get into the water.....

Here, try this....
Go to this website & then run your mouse all over the screen.....happy spring to you!

Dog pictures!
Did you see the pictures from the K-9 Carnival that Island Rec posted? Here!

We're number #3!
According to the Washington Baseball Poll website (and the Seattle Times), the Wolverines (5-0) are the third-ranked team in the state! Tanner Buck from the team said we beat Shoreline Christian at their place earlier this week 25-something...looks like we're pretty strong this year.

Opening up!
Bill Arney told me last night that he & Pam Stewart have opened the bakery (here's their website) on Tuesday & that things are going awesome, and that the response has been overwhelming - drop by check them out on Nichols Street.

Meanwhile, next door, Anna Maria is ready to open next week - here's her nice, good-looking website, and here's more:

Coho Restaurant, formerly 120 Nichols, serving Island grown Pacific cuisine with an international flair opens April 11th, 2008. The restaurant will be operated by Anna Maria de Freitas & David Pass, owners of the Harrison House Suites & Tucker House Inn. Coho’s team of talented chefs have created an exciting menu developed around the seasonality of fresh ingredients from the surrounding Islands. The wines culled from the great producers of Washington, Oregon, and California along with a fine selection of international wines will complement the food. Dinner served Friday – Sunday, 5:00 - 9:00 p.m. Each night the creative team will prepare a three course ($35) chef tasting menu offered nightly between 5:00 and 6:00 p.m. Reservations are strongly recommended. 378.6330

What to do this weekend....
Relax. The seagulls got all the leftover Easter eggs.

What else to do, this weekend....
There are several things going on: The Island Stage Left play, the lecture at the Whale Museum (at 6:30 p.m., there will be a reception at the Whale Museum followed by a lecture on Marine Stewardship: tate of the Sound & the San Juans by Kathy Fletcher, Executive Director, People for Puget Sound), and the meeting at the Grange (The Department of Natural Resources (DNR), the San Juan County Marine Resources Committee and several local and regional partners are holding public meetings to present information about our nomination of a San Juan site for DNR's Aquatic Reserve Program.)

And Sam Green, state poet laureate from Waldron Island, is at the Library tonight at 6:30pm.

And the rummage sale on Saturday at the Presbyterian Church (9-12am)! Don't miss it!

And the disaster drill on Sunday, down at the Port marina from 8-10am (here's details)!

And the silent auction & spaghetti dinner to help out Rhonda Wilson Lyons (see last week for details, and plan to drop by).

Update on the Banry fundraiser....
Wayshawn Koons wrote to let folks know what's been happening since last fall's fundraiser at the Fairgrounds:

To our Dear Community,
We want to update you regarding the Banry Family Fundraiser. Thanks to your generosity we have raised almost $100,000 and new plans are in the works!

A neighbor next door has offered to sell a small parcel of land to the Banry’s. This will make it possible for them to build an addition onto their existing home. One of our local contractors has volunteered his services to head up the project and is working with a local architect who is also volunteering her services. In addition have an engineer willing to donate time to the project.

We are in the initial planning stages and will keep you up to date on!

Thank you for your support,
The Banry Family Fundraisers

A sparkling review....
Marty went to see Talley's Folly last week, and says she loved it:

Island Stage Left’s current production of Talley’s Folly, for which
Lanford Wilson won a Pulitzer Prize, is pure pleasure. Flawlessly
performed by Daniel Mayes and Krista Strutz the play is historical,
poignant, powerful and sweet. Best of all is the fact that it runs
every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday through April 27 at the fair
grounds’ beautifully transformed, intimate 4-H building. Don’t miss
Talley’s Folly!

Marty Robinson
San Juan Island

In memorium...
Lee Bave's service is this's more.

Parenting - don't do it alone.....
Nan Simpson is ready to kick off a new series of Love & Logic classes this spring - write her for more details. These classes are pretty awesome, as a way to help you deal with the challenges of parenting. Here's more:

Hey, Ian - I'm offering the Love and Logic class: Parenting for Early Childhood this spring. This class is specifically for parents of children aged birth - six years. I am going to use the wonderful remodeled space at Saint David's! It will begin April 29th and go for five weeks, every Tuesday evening. Folks can contact me and I'll send them all the information. There is a fee for the class, but the money will go to help with construction costs for the church building and property.

Get Firewise!
Ron Garner from the Fire Department tells me there's a program this Saturday:

Protecting Your Home From Wildfire: San Juan Island Fire Department on Saturday, April 5, at 10AM at the Headquarters building 1011 Mullis St. will host a program helping homeowners protect their homes from wild fire. Many of our Island neighborhoods are becoming Firewised to achieve this goal, The Firewise USA program is designed to help Islanders understand the potential threat of wild fire, what to do before one starts, and how to react when one comes to their area. Actions such as cleaning gutters, keeping access roads open for fire vehicles, and dealing with ladder fuels may help save ones home.

The San Island Fire Department understands the valuable aid they receive when a community has achieved Firewise Community status. It makes it considerably safer for the Fire Department to defend successfully a neighborhood against the wild fire that is bound to come through our Island. With this in mind, the Firewise Team is encouraging all neighborhoods to join the Firewise program before the high fire danger season this summer. Your fire department does not have enough firefighters to protect every home. This is where your pre-fire actions can make a difference. After all, the home you save could be yours.

To receive more information call Ron Garner, Firewise Coordinator, at 378-7722 or stop by the headquarters station to pick up printed materials. The program is free and voluntary. Also, if you would like a Firewise evaluation of your home, call Ron to make an appointment.

Concert for Wolf Hollow on Saturday....
Here's the scoop: Wolf Hollow WRC Wolf Hollow WRC “KEEP THE WILD ALIVE” wildlife benefit concert and
silent auction featuring Isle be Jammin’ Performers, including Gretchen
Gubleman & Katy Hollman – Jim Nollman & Bill Cooper – Jonathan & Vail Hu
– Peter McCarthy & Steve Dyer – Sam Ibold & Kirk Fuhrmeister – Joy Van
Camp & Jim Moe – Chin Mayo & Susan Grout – Teddy Deane & Cecil Demeerleer.

San Juan Island Grange
Saturday – April 5th
Admission Donation:
$15 Adults
$5 Children under 12 years
(Hors d’oeuvres provided by Vinny’s Ristorante included in admission
price - No-Host Bar)

For more information and advance ticket purchase please visit their website at or call Linda at 317-7108

Softball signups!
Abby from Island Rec tell you how:

The signs of spring are everywhere; which means that now is the time to sign your co-ed softball team up for Island Rec’s summer league. This is a 9-week summer league, with games played on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, for women and men 15 years and older.  New this year, teams may be made up of 4 women and 6 men. The cost is $350 if your team registers before April 30th.  After April 30th the cost is $375. Practices will begin on May 4th. Registration forms are available at the Island Rec office on Guard Street.  A mandatory coaches meeting will be held April 30th at 5:30 pm at the Island Rec office.

Individuals looking to play are encouraged to call Island Rec at 378-4953. 

Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.

April 2, 2008

Debbi Staehlin writes in: Soroptimist’s annual Notable Women’s luncheon was held on March 26. The luncheon is for women of the community who are notable in the lives of the members as well as, successful within the community.

The theme of the luncheon was ‘Live Your Dream,’ a campaign from Soroptimist International designed to inspire women and girls to live their dreams and pass
their good fortune on to others.

The ladies enjoyed hearing success stories from several members of Soroptimist of Friday Harbor. They also enjoyed a wonderful lunch catered by Vinny’s Restaurant.

Click on the picture to see everyone - how many folks can you name?

It's tough writing for April Fool's Day around here....
Like major journalists around the world, I tried to write a version of the Update that was obviously a parody for April Fool's.

I started with, "Hey, it froze & there was some snow last night - ha!"...but it did. So that wasn't funny. Then I tried stuff like, "Pelindaba's ditching the purple & going green," or something, but that was a bit obtuse. So I tried to make up some funny stuff about dogs, like how to make puppy pie, but Tucker the Office Dog was giving me dirty looks.

So I looked up what other people were doing for jokes, and it was so well documented, it seemed redundent to write that up (check here.)

So I asked around school at FHHS and nobody seemed to know of any stories to tell.

So I have nothing to report...but thanks for listening.

Jim Maya of Maya's Westside Charters reported he saw J pod on the
west side Tuesday - that's one of his pictures. Click for a bigger one....

Report from Western Prince about the whales....
Naturalist Nan Simpson reports:

Western Prince opened the 2008 season on Saturday and we had two fantastic trips! I was lucky enough to be the Naturalist and even though the weather was chilly in the afternoon, with all the Dall porpoises, steller sea lions, harbor seals, harbor porpoise, adult and juvenile bald eagles and sea birds, we hardly noticed the temperature or off and on light rain. I just heard J pod was spotted on the west side this morning! It's going to be a great season on the water!

San Juan Safaris, out on the water....
OK, one last whale watch report - here's the San Juan Safaris blog, from a couple of days ago when they saw J pod.

FHHS Band hits the road....
Today Janet Olsen & the high school band take off on a long-planned trip, and they're pretty excited. Here's what the trip looks like, from band mom Kelly Snow:

Hi Ian -- Tomorrow the FHHS Concert Band leaves for New York City and Bermuda for our
long-anticipated trip (3 years of planning and fundraising). There will be
a total of 73 of us cruising around the Big Apple, taking in the sites.
We'll attend two Broadway shows, and then return to the Theatre the next day
for a behind-the-scenes tour and to play songs from Phantom of the Opera
with the some of the pit orchestra. We'll attend a Yankees game in Yankee
Stadium, perform for the lunch crowd in the IBM building, visit the Statue
of Liberty, Metropolitan Museum, Ground Zero, Central Park, etc. Then
we'll board a cruise ship leaving for Bermuda! Onboard the ship we will
perform and be adjudicated, and in Bermuda we will also perform at the
cruise ship terminal.

I'll report back afterwards and maybe with a few photos!

Take care,

Kelly Snow

Linda Begnal gave me a quick call that longtime islander Bob Boyce (right) had passed away, and she sent this obituary. Bob will be missed....

Meanwhile, I just heard this morning that Butch Brightman passed away yesterday. More when I find out more....

Patriotism is not short, frenzied outbursts of emotion, but the tranquil and steady dedication of a lifetime.
Adlai E. Stevenson

Ian Byington sings
The information here is simply stuff we here at By Design think is important around Friday Harbor or on San Juan Island.

Some of it is news, some of it is old news, and all are just things we wanted to mention, with most of it about the things that make living here great.

There will be more next week, if anything happens.

Ian Byington

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