I thought this was the cutest couple
I saw at the homecoming game
last weekend. Yep, he's holding her thumb.
Photo by my friend Amy Schmidt.

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Homecoming last weekend was a blast - check out these photos from the evening.

October 27, 2006

Ana's new book: Last night Ana Charvelle (right) introduced her new book, Dream Traveler, to an appreciative crowd at Pelindaba with readings for the text, followed by taking questions. After the event, the most common response I heard from most of the folks there was, "Wow." Here's a bit about the book, from its press release:

Written in the ancient style of “song speaking,” Dream Traveler was inspired by a series of vivid dreams that began after the murder of her husband twelve years ago in a racial gang attack while he was trying to save a stranger’s life in Hawaii.

She soon recognized, however, that her dreams were also related
to the Massacre of Wounded Knee more than a century earlier. In the course of her research for the book, she discovered that she had ancestors among the perpetrators of that tragic and similarly racially-motivated event. This unexpected finding led her to wonder about the intriguing notion of a possible link between dreams and genetic memory.

She tells me the book is available at the local bookstores - get yours now.

Was that you, speedy? You know what the tracker on this website said last night? It said 1349 unique visitors looked at this front page yesterday (some looked more than once, but I just count 'em one time).

Heck, there's only 7000 people on the island...that's amazing. Thanks for reading, my friends. And thanks for writing (see the bottom of the page)...I love hearing from you.

Bad break: Connar Smith's promising middle school soccer season came to an untimely end a couple of weeks ago when he was playing soccer at school during PE, slipped, and in the fall, broke his collarbone. The U-15 boys have had to continue without their star defender, as he's not expected to mend till December or so. It's put his Tae Kwon Do on the shelf as well - but he keeps smiling. Great kid with a bad break....

That leaves the team short two defenders, as Jered Dean sits out the last two weeks with a bum ankle.

Connar's dad Brad Smith tells me he broke his clavicle too, and so did Connar's older brother, too.

Leaving: Heck, I really don't like it when the good ones take off - Jonathon Taylor's accepted a contract in Madrid, so he's taking off next week, with Dodie finishing up things at her work at Island Rec & then following.

Dodie's the friendly British voice you hear at Island Rec - they'll be missed. The contract is for three years, and they'll keep their place here, so they'll be back some day, some way....

Rockin': Remember I mentioned the folks who went to see The Who & The Rolling Stones? Rob Cuomo told me he & Wendy got to go to the Stones, too - are these people TRYING to make me jealous?

It's working.

Emergency Medical Services - at your fingertips: It's finished, and it's a web gem: The San Juan EMS website was launched this week, and you just gotta check it out. Full of practical tips, information about how we do emergency medical stuff on the island (example: an update on the coming med flight subscription service), info about the EMTs, education chances, the Wilderness School....it's a useful, content-rich site that every islander should read. Check it out!

The site was prepared for the San Juan EMS as a collaborative effort with the unit, Chief Jim Cole (left), and By Design, with the design by the incredibly talented & creative Anne Anderson for By Design.

Guard Street - it's open: After getting worked on all summer, that stretch of Guard Street (right) from the tennis courts to halfway to the library is open again, with sidewalks (good!). Finished up last weekend...

Pond - it's opening: The preview show for "On Golden Pond" is this weekend on Saturday - click on the Theatre button to the right for more info...see ya there!

Eclectica - it's closing: It's the last weekend to catch the four one-acts that have everyone talking. Here's more.

Memorial: Susan Wingate tells me she wanted you to know about this celebration for our friend, Lynne:

Please join Lynne’s family and C.A.T.S. (Community Arts Theatre Society, of which Lynne was a founding member) in remembering her life in the Gubelman Room of the San Juan Community Theater this Sunday the 29th.

Come any time between 2pm and 5pm and bring a written story of your remembrance of Lynne for inclusion in a collection for her grandchildren.

A college scholarship for a graduating Friday Harbor student will be created and your donations will be gratefully accepted.

Fishing report: Whaaadya mean, I never tell you how the fishing is? Here...

The earth's resources are in danger: It's a good sign, a very good sign of a bad thing, that even the mainstream news is starting to talk about how the folks of the planet are using up - too fast, too much - the resources of the Earth.

It's alarming, it's frightening, but it's even scarier to think what'll happen if we pretend it isn't happening. Here's the story...

Quote: As our own species is in the process of proving, one cannot have superior science and inferior morals. The combination is unstable and self-destroying. - Arthur C. Clarke

Big Barn Bakes has new things going on: Piet sent me the word:

With the departure of Bread Farm from the island, fear not! You can still get a great loaf of artisan bread, baked right here in Friday Harbor! We have a new bread on Thursdays, BAGELS! So come by on your way to work (or head up when you do the 2 hour parking meter shuffle) and grab a few for yourself and you friends!

If you don't like bagels, fear not.. we have lots of good things to eat. For your convenience, we are opening at 7:30am and closing at 6pm. Did I mention that we make homemade soup, sandwiches and salads fresh daily? For lunch or to take to work or to eat at home, it's all good!

Wait, there's more! Too much to write about here! If you haven't visited us yet, come and see what you've been missing! Open Tuesday to Friday 7:30am to 6pm and SATURDAYS 8am to 4pm 895 Spring Street - Friday Harbor - (360) 378-7089

October 25, 2006

The power's back on: I can tell you just turned your 'puter back on..."cause you're reading this. Ha!

Just talked to OPALCO's general foreman Kerry Anderson, and he said this morning's outage was because of an error when BPA was doing some switching...the electricity was out countywide for about 30-40 minutes this morning.

YARP discussion: There's a presentation at the FH Marine Labs tonight at 7 about reptiles, amphibians & fish in the Amazon - Kevin O'Connor, Theo Pratt, Sunny Pascoe, and Stephan Garfield will be presenting in the hour-long show. See ya there!

FHHS over Mount Vernon Christian: Sounds like the girls were able to handle MVC pretty easily - the two people I asked when I got back on island last night coouldn't agree whether the score was 6-0 or 7-0...the girls finish the regular season at Concrete tomorrow, then we discuss playoffs....

Orcas vs. Friday Harbor: When the teams meet up, you never know what's gonna happen - in middle school soccer yesterday, the girls (our combined U-13 & U-15 teams) tied the Orcas girls 1-1, while the guys (our U-15 team, less the four high schoolers) showed spunk in rallying for the late goals to make a 5-3 result that was closer than it sounds.

That's Mandy Turnbull gathering the ball in in the second half (right; photo by Christy Hinkle).

It's always fun to play our island friends....

Tiger football update: The Tigers' playoff schedule for this weekend, courtesy of Cassie Kurtz (here's their blog):

Hi Ian- we got the schedule for playoffs. The league has decided on 4 neutral sites for all the games. They are Arlington, Oak Harbor, Mt.Vernon and Anacortes. The Seniors play at 1:00pm v. Bellingham in Arlington, the Juniors play at 1:00pm also v. Concrete in Anacortes, the Freshman play at5:00pm(under the lights!) v. Sedro Blue in Anacortes. Go Tigers!

October 24, 2006

Bill's new book: Well, Bill Carli's got his new book published! Here's the word in a joint release from Pelindaba & Boardwalk Books:

Join us for a special night with a reading and signing of Bill’s first book “Sunset Run.”

Bill Carli and his wife Chris have lived on San Juan Island for over twenty years. They owned and operated Island Flower Pictures for eight years before selling the business. The next venture was to turn their 1910 Craftsman style home into the Argyle Bed & Breakfast. After ten successful seasons and over 20,000 guests, it was time to move on. This summer Bill started a new business, Captain Carli’s Charters, taking guests out whale watching. In his spare time he wrote his first novel, Sunset Run. Here's more from the Pelindaba website.

Please come and be a part of Bill’s first book signing. Books are available at Boardwalk Bookstore and at the signing. The event will be held at Pelindaba Downtown, Friday Harbor Center, on First Street

The way it was, fishin': In this story about the decline of commercial fishing in Everett, it mentions that decades ago, there were so many fish (salmon, mostly) here that the fishermen here on the island would throw out their nets & haul 'em in using horses on the shore...here's more.

Quote: This bit from Dahl reminds me, just a bit, of life around here: "Everyone has some sort of a boat in Norway. Nobody sits around in front of the hotel. Nor does anyone sit on the beach." - Roald Dah

October 23, 2006

Homecoming parade was a blast: The game (see below) wasn't the only fun part - it was cool to see FHHS students all over town in costume & yelling & being creative & showing their spirit - here's a bunch of photos from the parade, which will give you an idea of how much fun it was - you'll see dozens of kids you know. The seniors won the class competition, with Queen Jenny (right) named to preside over the weekend.

And a good time was had by all.

October 22, 2006

Over the net: Yep, that's Annie Bryant (FHHS '06) on the right in the team photo for Santa Barbara City College's volleyball team this year...she made the team down there.

After playing for the Wolverines, and battling knee injuries here, she's now flying high, her dad Patrick told me last week. It's pretty cool to see a FHHS grad on a college roster - way to go, Annie!

Meanwhile, over at Western Washington, ex-Wolverines Tyler Roberts & Danny Cumming are helping the Vikings out in football this fall - here's them on THAT roster.

Meanwhile, Lucas Franco (left) is in his junior year at Seattle U, running cross country...here's the scoop.

Tennis scores at district tourney: Coach Dick Barnes tells me they had a great time on Saturday down at Coupeville - the tourney's job is to sort out who goes to the next round of playoffs (which is in May, by the way, Jay). The top two singles move on, as do the top two doubles teams.

So, after the dust cleared, Peter Duggins copped the top singles spot; he'll be joined by #2 singles winner Michael Sandifer (right).

Number one doubles team Josh Lehr/Keller McNairy took the #1 seed, Coupeville got the #2 spot, and, by virtue of coming in third, Seiji Boku & Pablo Lopez will serve as first alternates to the May parade.

Quote: Love does not just sit there, like a stone; it had to be made, like bread, remade all the time, made new. - Ursula K. Le Guin

October 21, 2006

PTA Garage Sale! It's today at the Elementary School from 9am to 12 noon - see ya there!

FHHS romps in homecoming game: It looked like trouble - unbeaten Cascade Christian rolled down the field in the first quarter, scoring on the second play of the second quarter while holding the Wolverines scoreless.

That 7-0 lead evaporated over the next two quarters under the field generalship of QB Cole Franklin (right, who surprised FHHS fans by also playing in the defensive secondary for the first time this year) into a 25-7 advantage for FHHS. The teams traded last quarter TDs for the final 31-14 score. It was a total team effort for a total team win over a high-quality opponent.

What's ahead: The Wolverines get a much-needed break with a bye on their schedule to finish the regular season, then find out what the playoff hold

Youth Soccer Update:

Ice Monkeys Run Past Stanwood 7-0: The San Juan U-15 girls scored two in the first five minutes on the way to a 7-0 decision over an undermanned Stanwood team in Friday Harbor Saturday. Here's a portfolio of photos from the game of the girls in action.

The Ice Monkeys (4-2-1) played the Cardinal to a 2-1 win in the first game of the season, but showed a season's worth of improvement in the re-match. That's midfielder Megan Cuomo to the right (#3) getting off the shot in the second half.

The girls play at Mount Vernon to end the season this Saturday, then travel to the season-ending tournament in Burlington on November 4th.

Burlington tops Aqua Bombs 4-1: Midfielder Mallory Dahlquist's first goal of the season (right) near the first of the game put the A-Bombs ahead, but Burlington stormed back to tie it for the half before putting the game out of reach in the second half. The U-13 girls play Orcas on Tuesday over there.

Coach Jeff MacDonald reviews strategy with the girls at halftime (above).

Raider win in forfeit: The Red Raiders' opponent failed to show Saturday, pushing the U-15 boys (4-2) into a battle for the second spot in league at LaConner (5-1) next weekend.

The winner of that game will get a better seed in the league tournament Nov. 4th.

Great art for you: Alison's show opened last night & runs till December the 9th...here's the scoop from Westcott Bay's Denece:

Westcott Bay Institute is pleased to announce "The Swallows Are Home Again - Visual Tales of Twenty-Five Island Years" by Artist Alison Johnston. This exhibit is a gathering of her work from the past twenty-five years together in one place, creating a visual celebration where her paintings communicate with one another revealing connections not possible without such a rendezvous. Come celebrate with us the tales Alison tells through color. Listen with you eyes, the swallows are home again.

October 20, 2006

Membership Drive and New Logo: Debbi from the Soroptimists sends this report - it's your chance to join:

Soroptimist International of Friday Harbor invite new members to join the club. They meet for lunch on Wednesdays in the basement of the American Legion Hall. Please drop in and learn about Soroptimist, which means "Best for Women" in Latin. Learn more about Soroptimist by going to the local club's website: www.SiFri.org

Soroptimist now has a fresh, new Logo by which to identify the organization. Look for this at our fundraisers. You might be interested to know: There are 1, 1447 clubs with 41,875 members in 19 countries; 607 clubs in the Soroptimist International of the Americas with 21,419 members; and one club in Friday Harbor with 74 members. Consider joining this powerful group of business and professional women with common goals in mind. For membership information call Patti at 298-1224. "Improving the lives of women and girls, in local communities and throughout the world" is SIA's official mission statement.

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